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Yellow Rose Co.

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Yellow Rose Co. is a floral and event design studio focused on creating unique weddings that reflect your personality and love story. I’m madly in love with the creative process behind weddings! When I design my hope is that you and your guests not only see, but feel the love through the details of each event. I believe marriage is the best adventure with your best friend, and a lifetime of happiness should start with one killer celebration!

My design style  is eclectic and bold, daring and beautiful, a little wild and a lot romantic. I’m naturally drawn to color, but I love a gorgeous palette of neutrals too. I’m a crafter, creator, and vintage store lover- always looking for the perfect “something” that I don’t have a place for but obviously need. I draw inspiration from all things- old and new, beautiful, wild, and free.


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Kristin Morgan- Planner and Designer


I believe in the Creator and I believe in the equality of love. I am a true and hopeful romantic that believes in hand holding, goodnight kisses, and happily ever afters. And I think love at first sight is a real thing. My momma taught me the perfect pair of shoes can change everything. This applies to lipstick as well. And I believe in hope always.

I’m a born Texan, but made my way North when I was young and now… well, I just can’t quit you Oklahoma. I’ve lived a few places from the East Coast to the West, but this heartland just feels like home to me. I’m happy to live, work, play, eat, drink coffee, and catch a happy hour in this kind and creative city.

On the best days you can find me in my happy place- sitting in the middle of buckets and buckets of flowers ready to create. There you can find my two boys, playing nearby and collecting the little blooms that fall from my table. They are my world and my mama heart loves their little hearts more than I can say.

So now, enough about me. Tell me about you….